"Though academics are important, it is the Word of God that has seen us through our darkest hours. Never once has Cameron run to her math book for comfort. . . . Not one time have Conner's spelling words lifted our spirits. It is God's Word and His Word alone that has given us comfort, strength, hope, assurance, peace, and joy. Life is hard. I want my children to have everything they need when facing the storms that tomorrow will bring. Let me assure you that [this school] equips our children well. They receive a good academic education, but with that they also receive what is most important. They receive a great spiritual foundation. So, when their little world is rocked, when their dreams are shattered, when their lives are all in pieces, they know what to do. They have been taught to pray. They know what to believe. They have learned God's promises, and they know who to run have been introduced to Jesus."

—Schultz, Glen. Kingdom Education. Nashville: LifeWay Press, 1998. (pg. 69)

"Christians today find themselves in a similar situation as the nation of Judah did. We do all of the religious sacrifices that we think Christians should dogo to church, participate in praise and worship, give the tithe and our offerings and listen to sermonsbut it seems as if God does not receive these sacrifices with pleasure and actually disregards them. For example, we pray and ask God to heal our land, and yet the moral decline in our country only increases in intensity. We ask ourselves why God isn't paying attention to our sacrifices and answering our prayers. What was true for Judah is true for us today. Our homes are in shambles. -Divorce runs rampant. The result is that very few homes are producing godly offspring. Parents must grasp the reality that this homework assignment is so important to God that He does not receive our religious sacrifices with pleasure when we do not follow His instructions in raising our children."

Schultz, Glen. Kingdom Education. Nashville: LifeWay Press, 1998. (pg. 62)

"No education is complete without emphasis placed on spiritual priorities. W.C.A. provided a strong scriptural foundation as well as preparing me academically for nursing school."

—Reba Wagner, Registered Nurse, WCA Alumnus, and parent of graduate and enrolled student

"After trying another school for two years, our daughter said she wanted to return to WCA. We are excited the Word is instilled in her NOW, so she will have the right path to follow LATER! Knowing we live in a highly academic world, we choose this school for its updated materials coupled with godly morals."

—Jeff and Tara Gray, Youth Pastors and parents of graduate

"Our first and foremost reason for selecting WCA for our childrens education is the Chirst-centered atmosphere that WCA creates. Following in a close second position is the low teacher to child ratio which allows our children to have very individualized attention and instruction. We are strong supporters of WCA and the way that they have partnered with us as parents to raise up our children in the way they should go, both in character and education."

—Bobby and Jenny Williams, Association Management and parents of two graduates and two enrolled students